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Types of gift boxes

Properly selected gift packaging makes the gift doubly pleasant and prolongs the expectation of a surprise. Therefore, a beautiful gift box is in mass demand for the design of different types of gifts.

This type of gift packaging wins over others due to the following advantages:
- more presentable and expensive look;
- protection of contents from mechanical damage;
- Some boxes are used for domestic purposes.

In boxes, it is appropriate to give clothes, household items, jewelry - anything.
A cardboard gift box is a universal and cheap option for making a gift for a man and a woman, a child, a manager or a colleague at work. It will be relevant for any occasion and at all times.
Many manufacturers of souvenirs offer ready-made gift sets in boxes - this helps customers save time and purchase a gift immediately before the celebration. TheBox are in demand as a separate gift wrapping.
The main criterion when choosing a gift box is its contents. And since different types of souvenirs and household items go as a gift, the modern range of boxes is unusually wide. And for each gift, you can find a container of the perfect size.

Gift packaging is made of hardcover cardboard, textured paper and other high-quality materials. All boxes can be classified according to a number of important parameters:

Usually, choosing the size of gift boxes, they are guided by the dimensions of the souvenir itself. And according to this parameter, the package can have a wide variety of sizes and heights.
A small gift box for money, jewelry and other pleasant things is the most popular option.
Huge gift boxes of TheBox format are also gaining popularity. They create a feeling of a real holiday and cause a stormy delight in the culprit of the celebration. For example, you can buy a large gift box for balls to surprise the birthday boy and guests with a colorful spectacle.

Various shapes of gift boxes allow you to choose packaging for any content.Rectangular gift boxes, like square ones, are universal packaging for any gifts. It is especially appropriate for official souvenirs due to its strict geometric shape. The capacity of this form is convenient when organizing storage systems, so it will be used by the owner after the end of the celebration.

The color of the gift box can say a lot. You can be guided by your own preferences or follow traditions.
Almost universal white gift box, which creates a pleasant feeling of purity and novelty, does not have any gender restrictions. Also universal is the black gift box, which gives the souvenir an aura of mystery and luxury.
The red gift box attracts attention with a bright design, and is often used to express strong feelings. And blue gift boxes are great for gifts for men.

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